During Econ class today when we were discussing price discrimination in competitive markets (yup companies purposely charging you a lot when demand is high, sorry) all I could think of was a pumpkin spice latte. As soon as the clock struck 11:30 I hightailed it to Starbucks on Linden Street for my tall 1/2 caff soy pumpkin-spiced latte.

As I was picking up my drink from the Barista I noticed a cup full of these little green things and OMG, they were to plug the drink hole on my cup lid so it wouldn’t spill!!!! Starbucks, you have solved all my problems.


For example, one time I basically dumped my college boyfriend because he drove over a bump and spilled his latte all over my car because it spilled out the top (I’m not that awful, I’d told him to watch out for that happening before it happened, LESSON: always listen to your GF). Plus, almost every time I got Starbucks before work I would spill at least a little foam on me during the walk, cursing the Starbucks gods and the DC sidewalks.

Well, those days are gone. With this new nifty little green stuck you can plug your mug and also stir your drink if you so desire. If I was Lady GaGa I’d take a ride on the green stopper stick…

Way to listen to your consumers Starbucks. What will you do next? Lower your prices?