As my readers know, I am a big fan of visiting places that have been on Throwdown with Bobby Flay. This weekend was the culmination of those experiences when I ate at the restaurant of the Chef himself. On Friday night Marc and I went to Bobby’s signature restaurant Bar Americain in NYC. We got a reservation with no problem (probably because nobody else wanted a big dinner the night after Thanksgiving). However, the place was bustling when we arrived. We were sat at a table on the second level of the restaurant, with a nice view of the floor below. Also, we are pretty sure Bobby films his Throwdown planning scenes up there!

We started the meal with some oysters, as the raw bar we saw on the way in looked quite enticing. We were happy with our decision, as October and November are prime oyster months (which you can learn all about in this post).

Though Bobby had some fun looking cocktails, we opted for a bottle of Prosecco, as his cocktails also came at a price ($14 each, typical NYC) and we figured the wine would get us a little more for our dollar. It was a hard decision for main courses, but I settled on mussels in green chili broth, mainly because they came with frites that looked amazing at the table next to us, and Marc opted for some smoked chicken with green chile spoon bread. Yes, green chili theme.

We were both quite pleased with our choices. The frites were just awesome and I wanted two more servings. The green chile broth was only slightly spicy and added a fresh unique flavor to the mussels that was a nice change from your average broth.

Marc’s smoked chicken with was also pretty delish. The chicken wasn’t too dry and the smoky flavor wasn’t overpowering, while the spoon bread (yes, it was new to me too), went well with the dish.

On the side we got some cauliflower and goat cheese gratin, so so so so yummy. The picture tells you what you need to know.

We wanted dessert and glanced at the menu, Bobby is famous for his sweet potato pie, but we opted out this time. However, I’m sure we’ll be back! Mainly because I twittered Bobby to come to our table, but he didn’t. Meeting him would be the ultimate Throwdown…