While we’re on the subject of celebrity chefs, I had the pleasure of eating at Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savannah, GA last week, Lady & Son’s. The place has been open since 1989, but of course became wildly popular after Paula’s Food Network success. The menu is southern to the core, with a buffet of fried chicken, collards, mac and cheese, and other cholesterol heavy goodness, or a la carte offerings ranging from chicken pot pie to shrimp and grits (every southern place needs that on the menu). The atmosphere is very casual and the prices are decent, a lunch ran us $35, which included pecan pie.

Our hotel happened to be right near the restaurant, so per Paula’s instruction on her website, we walked over at 9:30 am and made a reservation with the hostess who stands outside from 9:30 to 4pm each day taking reservations, you can only make them in person. Before our meal we browsed Paula’s gift shop who has been shameless about putting her name on everything from chapstick to cookware. I succumbed and bought some coffee. Her signature Y’all is also written EVERYWHERE.

We then walked over to the restaurant side of the building and were sat immediately and greeted by a server who gave us hoecakes hot off the griddle and garlic cheddar biscuits (maybe the best biscuit I’ve ever had, sorry Paul). I ordered a pulled pork sandwich, the pork was cooked to perfection and melted in your mouth and the “french fries” were basically deep fired slices of potatoes. There were also pickled green tomatoes, I need to find myself some of those up north! MMMM.

Marc got a meatloaf sandwich on pumpernickel with the most amazing mushroom mayonnaise, I think it must have had butter in it, maybe cream too, who knows, but you haven’t had mayonnaise until you’ve tried this stuff!

We were so full that we had to take our pecan pie to go, but we couldn’t leave there without it! Despite the unhealthy-ness of her cuisine it is sure amazing, if you are ever in Savannah give it a try, we were stuffed y’all!