Today is the first day of winter, which means every girl from east to west is breaking out her Uggs, unless she is one of those who wears them year-round (please no). If Santa isn’t bringing you new ones, your sheepskin boots are probably stained from salt, slush and general winter residue, well fret not! I came across a little snippet in Lucky Magazine about suede cleaning, here is their wisdom:

1) Revive balding or matted spots by rubbing the area with a strip of fine sandpaper (talk to Kristen and Aviva if you need help choosing the correct brand, they are experts). Then, using the same pressure you would to check a pulse, work in a vertical – not circular – motion.

2) To remove salt stains, brush the area with a suede brush (a firm toothbrush also works) doused in a 50/50 white vinegar and water solution. Let the spots dry overnight, then go over them lightly with a clean, dry brush.

While we’re on the subject, I actually don’t want sheepskin Ugg’s at all right now, but rather these awesome guys, kinda intense, but great for a New England winter!