Now that I’m back in Boston and it actually snows here I needed to get serious about some winter boots. My Uggs that were fine in DC won’t cut it in the slush, snow, ice and salt. I spent almost my whole break searching for the perfect boots. I ordered some heavy-duty Uggs, but unfortunately the zippers in the back gave me blisters, back to they went.

During my three-week break I mined the web, spent time with the Nordstrom shoe department, hung out at the Tannery in Harvard Square, and looked at REI, L.L. Bean, and Bloomingdales. I wanted some warm boots that also were somewhat fashionable, harder to find than you’d expect. Finally after much deliberation and some gift certificates to Amazon care of Santa I settled on two boots from, they are owned and operated by Amazon.

First, for heavy-duty winter I went with Sorel. I wore Sorel boots in elementary school, they were awesome and came in lovely neon colors. One year Melinda got turquoise and purple and I got hot pink and purple (Rugged Bear was out of turquoise), I was mildly jealous of hers all season. It seems like Sorel has tried to re-invent their brand, with trendy (and still hard-core) winter boots for men and women, while still of course making their kids ones too. One pair was $450, yikes. I went with a less expensive style. Cute, but functional for shoveling the driveway and tromping in the snow.

Next, I’ve wanted Hunter boots for a long time. Perfect for rain, but also slush and snow when it’s not too cold. My good friend who used to ride wore the boots to muck stalls, and the British always wear them on their Hunts, hence the name. As much as I wish I used them long ago, I bought into the trend. I went with the short length in Aubergine, Brit speak for Eggplant.

I’d already tried the Hunter’s on at Nordstrom, so I knew my size. However, for the Sorel’s they do not make half sizes and I hadn’t tried them on, so I went with a 7, a half-size up from my 6.5. I figured that would be good for thicker socks.

Thanks to Amazon’s amazing lean supply chain (my Operations Professor’s words, not mine) my boots from Endless shipped via next day air for free, from Kentucky, probably the closest Amazon fulfillment center to me. Though headquartered in Seattle, Amazon has fulfillment centers around the country, all located very close to airports so they can fill the orders and ship them out fast, but I had yet to see how fast they could be…

I got the boots two days later (ordered on a Sunday night, received on a Tuesday) and unfortunately the Sorel’s were WAY to big. Endless doesn’t offer exchanges, it’s easier for them to have you return the ones you don’t want (for free) and just re-order the one’s you’d like instead. Less processing for them, more “lean-ness” and cost saving as well!

So, I ordered another pair Tuesday night and was amazed when the UPS man brought them to my door at 5pm on Wednesday. Now that’s what I call fast! The boots fit and I’m wearing them as I blog.

Winter Boot Saga = Solved