As we all know, snowpocalypse hit DC this week/weekend. I’m pretty jealous of my friends who have gotten to miss 3 days of work this week, though, according to my guest blogger (the same lady who brought you teatime) it can get a little boring. Here are her suggestions for being snowed in.

I am on day 6.5 of being snowed in to my humble abode, thanks to Snowpocolypse/Snowmaggeden/Snowbama/Blizzard 2.0, I thought I would give you some guest bloggie content.

10 Ways to survive a massive snowstorm(s) without committing yourself to the looney bin:

1) DVDs. Note these get boring after day 1 when you realize you have bedsores from sitting down so much.  Also if you are awesome like me and don’t subscribe Netflix (or have watched all your Netflix), then you are a victim of Comcast On Demand and Lifetime movies. Entertainment Value: 2 points.

2) Shovel. The obvious activity once the snow stops and essential if you want to envision the day when you actually may be able to drive on a road. Entertainment value: 5 points (productive and good exercise!).

3) Go for a Snow Hike. I use the word hike as you 1. have boots on that are heavy and add to the strenuousness of the activity and 2. many sidewalks resemble a Mt. Kilimanjaro trail.  This activity is also easily combined with number 4. Entertainment value: 4 points.

4) Mission Impossible. After a few days food items tend to run out and you find yourself doing things like walking 1 mile in a white-out for mushrooms and chocolate chips (for chicken mushroom saute and chocolate chip banana bread, clearly).  I found out early on that the secret Asian mini market under my old building had every ingredient sold out of Whole Foods or Safeway. That place is a lifesaver yet again. Entertainment value: 3 points.

5) Baking. Holy rusted kitchen aid Batman, did I bake. I baked banana bread for the guys who helped me shovel, pumpkin bread for the people at my front desk, bread for Superbowl, and even experimented with whole wheat flour in baked goods (verdict? vetoed). Note that this activity often is preceded by #4 so by the time you bite into your warm slice of chocolate chip pumpkin bread, you are nearing 10 entertainment value points! Amazing!

6) Facebook. Thank goodness for Facebook.  As a single gal in the city who lives alone, I am now even more appreciative of the value of social interaction.  I quickly started using Facebook as basically my only social interaction and pretty much messaged, wrote on the wall, commented on pictures and status, and stalked the Facebook page of everyone of my 700 friends. Okay maybe 25% but that is a lot. Entertainment value: 3 points.

7) IM. Again, thank you for the only social interaction in which I could actually have a conversation… of typed sorts. Thank you to all who entertained me while working remotely as you saved me from a dark deep cave. Entertainment value: 3 points (real time responses! its amazing!).

8 ) Cleaning. Ughs I know. But my hunt for my Hot Chili’s resulted in a massive sweat pant/t-shirt purge.  I was so excited to get rid of it all that I climbed the 6 ft bank in my parking lot at the clothing donation bin to get it in there. Entertainment value: 2 points.

9) TV shows online. Thanks to the past week I am now officially caught up with Private Practice, Grey’s, Real World DC (yup I’ll admit it), and Ugly Betty.  I also have watched the whole Glee season to date 1.5 times through. Entertainment value: 1 point (started as three but 2 are deducted because I am supporting the worst show on TV… RW DC). Note from Lottie: I concur.

10) Online browsing. For vacations out of the snow; for new art for one’s newly re-arranged living room (which I am now fixated on getting since I have looked at the bare wall 17 hours a day for a week); sneakers; cashmere sales; books; things for your friend’s wedding. Side note on this– if you are thinking of getting engaged, I highly recommend doing it before a big snowstorm.  My newly engaged friend and I did quite a bit of wedding conferring and are well on the planning way for Save the Dates, a photographer, cake etc. Entertainment value: 2 points (3 for wedding browsing)

11) Guest Blog for Lottie. Entertainment Value: 6.9 points.