This weekend I made my 4th trip to my favorite bar in Boston, Drink. A creation of Boston restaurateur, Barbara Lynch, it’s a bar “dedicated to the art of the cocktail.” When you walk down a set of stairs next to Sportello (also Barbs of course), you’re led by a hostess to one of the three somewhat intimate bar stations. If it’s early in the night you’ll get a seat, if it’s past 9:30 you’ll probably be standing, but either way a bartender will almost immediately come over and ask what you want…. Here’s where it gets fun!

Drink has no liquor bottles on display (part of its minimalist look) and no formal drink menu (there are some suggestions on 2 hard-to-read boards), so when the bartender approaches they ask, what do you want (just in case you have an exact concoction in mind) and then, what do you like. I always start with flavor (fruity, citrus, bitter, sweet) and then they usually ask what liquor (vodka, fernet branca, gin, champagne), and give you some suggestions. Usually they tell me one and I’m sold. This time it was citrus, I was in the mood for grapefruit, and he must have read my mind and said “Grapefruit?” after I said “Citrus.” My creation was fresh squeezed grapefruit juice (they squeeze all their juices fresh right in front of you), vodka, elderflower liquor and maybe som campari, I don’t even know, but it was delish. My sister opted for a pomegranate mojito.

All the drinks do have names, so if you have some favorites try and remember, the bartenders always tell you the name and what’s in them. We also both got champagne cocktails, I had a French 75 (champagne, lemon, gin) my sister had an evening version of a mimosa (champagne, fresh OJ, campari). Another one to try is any creation with cucumber, this time it was grapefruit, cucumber, mint and a liquor of your choice, but I’ve also seen a great one with Pimm’s. All you have to do it ask, and you shall receive. There is also some seasonality here, in the winter you’ll get pomegranate and in the spring and summer plenty of fresh berries and herbs, it’s never the same!

Mixing here is an art and a science, it just as fun to watch the bartenders in action as it is to drink their creations. They use all sorts of interesting gadgets and make each drink from scratch. And, if you are an ice connoisseur, you’ll be pleased, no machine-made stuff here. Please don’t ask for an Appletini, but if you do it will probably be with fresh pressed apple juice. If you need any more validation to go, check out the article in the NYT, when they write about something in Boston instead of New York, it must be cool!