It’s June and the pool is open, so you know what that means? Time to start thinking about summer shoes! Last year I was conservative and only bought one pair of Jack Rodgers flats, that means this year it’s time for a bit of a re-vamp. My favorite black wedges have lost both heel covers and there’s a few that should probably go to Goodwill. So, here’s what I’ve bought/am planning on buying.

First off is a replacement for my old black Sam Edelman Wedges. They were my favorite and I thought finding a replacement was going to be hard. Until I came across Coach’s Shelby Wedges. To my utmost dismay they were sold out almost everywhere online. So, I went to the Natick Collection and went to Macy’s and Lord & Taylor, but neither had my size in stock!

I thought it was the end for Shelby and I, but then the nice Macy’s salesman to checked if any other locations had a pair. Low and behold he found some in Peabody at the North Shore Mall (read in Ma$$hole accent). I called them and had them sent right to me. And, Mom had a 20% off coupon, phew. They are just perfect and even managed to survive the cobblestones during a night out in Lisbon Portugal. The only place you can really find them at this point are e-bay, just do a search.

Next, I wanted a good pair of gold sandals to wear with summer dresses. I already know Jack Rodgers work for me. So I decided to go with a new style they came out with last year, the Navajo Mid-Wedge Heel. Yes, I know another pair of wedges, but they are what are most comfortable (aside from Rainbows) and they are easier to walk in then heels. Ching ching went the visa.

I also am looking for a pair of black heels, on the tall side, to wear to some weddings and other fun summer events. That will also work throughout the year. These Franco Sarto ones did the trick, they are semi hard to walk in, but worth the sacrifice.

Then, I bought into the boat shoe trend. I tried on a pair of Sperry Top-Siders at Bloomingdales and they just felt like buttah and I thought they’d be perfect for tramping around Portugal, I mean they got their start sailing and so did Sperry! I went for the “angelfish” style and just love them. They also just re-launched their website and you wouldn’t belive some of the styles they have. I think I’ll stay away from these plaid ones.

I couldn’t stop there could I? Rocket Dog made these cute inexpensive sandals called the “Lisbon Flat.” It was meant to be, I had to order them and wear them in Lisbon.

So, that’s my shoe binge for the year (until fall). Happy summer sandal-ing!