For the past few weeks I’ve been a proud member of Bonnie’s Bootcamp, going at 6am every day. You would think that getting up at 5:40 am and working out intensely for 45 minutes is exhausting, but it’s really the opposite. You leave feeling energized for the rest of the day. I’ve actually found that on days I don’t go I’m yawn-ey and tired at work. That said, you do need an early bedtime to really survive it all, so I’ve been going to bed at 10pm.

My most favorite part of bootcamp is actually after bootcamp, when I have my strawberry soy protein smoothie, it’s vanilla-ey, fruity and filling. I eat it for breakfast around 7am and don’t need a snack until 10:30 or so. I combine Whole Foods Vanilla Soy Protein Powder (one scoop), with Silk Vanilla Light Soymilk, a splash of OJ, and a few frozen strawberries, blend until smooth, and voila, delish, helps your muscles recover and fills you up. It’s great to have after an intense morning workout!

However, my smoothie excitement was crushed when I read a few posts about how soy sucks and how if you are going to use soy protein powder you best not mix it with soymilk! O Rly? So, what am I supposed to do? Help me out, I need some advice. I LOVE the protein powder I use and want to keep using it, I’m allergic to dairy, so I need something vegan. So smart, nutritious bloggers I’ve linked to (or readers who might know a thing or two), what should I do to create the same flavor creation sans soymilk? Hemp? Almond? What say you? Should I switch powders too? Or, can I keep doing what I’m doing, doubling on the soy powder and milk?