Yesterday was a little hard in terms of being hungry. Before lunch at 12 of Green juice #2 my stomach was a little rumbly, then all afternoon I had an empty feeling in my stomach, but I wasn’t ravenous. That said, I did feel a bit light-headed, however, concentrating on Excel Spreadsheets/Gchatting with Tommy for 3 hours might have been the cause. Once home from work I made Marc go shopping, nothing like retail to take your mind off food, it worked super well and I didn’t even buy anything!

#1 Green Juice: Contains romaine, celery, cucumber, green apple, spinach, kale, parsley, lemon (PACKED!). Tastes like a salad with a bit of apple. The apple makes it sweet, but you still can taste the greens. Like I said, it’s not a juice that I would drink every day, but it wasn’t hard to get down at all and it’s kinda fun to drink your veggies (at least for a few days).

#2 P.A.M.: Contains Pineapple, Apple and Mint (hence the P.A.M) with some filtered water. It might be my favorite, it is sweet and tropical with a refreshing mint taste that does not overpower. It would taste great with a shot of vodka, but that would probably make me pass out…

#3 Green Juice: You drink your second Green Juice for lunch. Yum 🙂 Nothing like Kale and Parsley during your lunch break. Actually, you really can’t taste the parsley at all, they probs just add a splash of it for garnish!

#4 Spicy Lemonade: Contains filtered water, lemon, agave nectar, cayenne. Tastes like lemonade with a spicy kick at the end that hangs out in your throat, but it’s not uncomfortable. It warmed me up a bit in my cold office, but didn’t fill me up too much. Can I eat a granola bar yet?

#5 C.A.B.: Contains carrots, apples and beets, lemon and ginger. Tastes like carroty apple juice with some gingery beets thrown in. I’m not a huge beet fan, but their taste isn’t overpowering, you get more carrot and apple with ginger on top and a slight beet taste. It’s super red, so don’t drink any wearing a white shirt! Be very careful not to spill.

#6 Cashew Nut Milk: Contains Cashew Nut Milk (however that’s made), vanilla, cinnamon and agave nectar. Tastes like heaven, it’s the highest calorie drink of the bunch at 300 a serving and it is just delicious. Nutty, creamy, vanilla-ey and a hint of cinnamon. Something you’d drink during the holidays perhaps, and also a great way to end your day of juicing. It would be great to satisfy a dessert craving at times when you actually eat!

This morning I went to the gym and didn’t die, in fact my workout felt great. I feel mildly hungry, but nothing a P.A.M at 10am won’t fix. However, I am really looking forward to the Cashew Nut Milk this evening and then on to my last day of the cleanse! If you’d like to see the full nutrition facts for all the juices check them out here.