Okay now I’m hungry, I’d like a big mac with a side of two fries please and maybe one of those yummy sundaes with chocolate sauce that’s 99 cents? About a half hour after the green juice this morning my stomach felt empty and tea/water didn’t really help. So, I just exercised the will power that got me through a marathon, and the GMAT, and an 8 hour managerial accounting exam, and a Botkier sample sale (my biggest challenges to date). Now it’s time for P.A.M, phew!

With 5 juices to go I’m in the homestretch. Yesterday afternoon was a bit hard too, I was hungry and lightheaded (nothing on the verge of scary or unhealthy though), but then once I drank the Spicy Lemonade around 3:30 it subsided, and my 5pm manicure and pedicure certainly helped me relax and take my mind off that thing that begins with the letter F. My advice, is to keep busy during your cleanse. Some people say doing it at work would stink, but it’s better than sitting at home all day, there are so many things to keep you busy at work, from actual work, to Gawker, to reading about Juice Cleanses on Lottie’s blog! Then, in the evening definitely plan an activity such as shopping, pampering, walking around the neighborhood, or slowly cleaning your house (not too vigorously as you don’t want to work up an appetite).

So, what’s been my schedule of “drinking” now that I’m on day 3? Well, I usually do #1 around 7:30 or so, and right when I get up have some warm water with a squeeze of lemon (either before gym if I go in the AM, which was 2 of the 3 days, or before shower). The P.A.M cocktail hour happens at 10am and I try to sip it a little slower and make it last until 10:30. #3 is lunch between 12 and 12:30 if I can hold out (did today). Then Spicy Lemonade at the spicy hour of 3:30. #5 The Beets at 6ish when I get home from work. And finally the best part of the day, Cashew dankness (as Marc would say) at 8pm, then beddie at 10, along with the middle schoolers and old people!

It’s not easy being Green (green juice and me this AM)

I’m a little scared about breaking the cleanse tomorrow. I will start out with a nectarine that’s perfectly ripe and been sitting in my fridge looking at me with its juicy eyes for a few days now. For lunch it’s “Thursday Lunch” at work (every Thurs my awesome company gives us lunch) and the menu is wraps and salads, a PERFECT light lunch. I’ll probably stick more to the salad side of things. Then, my wonderful Mother sent me home post mani/pedi with some stuffed green peppers. She makes a mean one. So I’ll end the day with some veggies and protein. Then, it’s a Babson MBA Happy Hour at Sonsie. I’ll probably stick to one drink, more than that would not be a good idea. Shoot, my stomach just rumbled. No more food talk!

So crazy Lottie, some questions for you 1) Would you ever do this again? 2) Would you recommend it to friends? 3) What the hell were you thinking? 4) AND, did you cheat and eat at all?

My answers:

1) Yes, I’d do it again, probably not very often 1 to 3 times a year tops. Could be great post holidays, or in the summer when it’s super hot and you don’t want to eat anyways (like now). Choose a time you don’t have a lot going on (again summer or post holiday could be good). I think doing it Monday to Wednesday is also great. You do have to take it easy on eating/drinking over the weekend, but being busy at work, or in class (even better because your brain has to focus more on class and not on food) is way better than down time on the weekend.

2) Yes again, I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to clean out their system and exercise some will power. It’s a nice accomplishment and I think my body is happy I made it juice, even though it fought me a bit between 1:30 and 3:30 PM each day. And, if you want to lose those last few pounds it could be good too. The purpose is not weight loss, but if you can fit into those skinny jeans after, that’s a nice bonus!

3) What the hell was I thinking? $200 dollars for juice and hunger? But I mean wow, that Cashew Nut Milk (yes, I capitalize it in my posts because it is worthy of becoming a proper noun) might be worth the price alone. Buying a good juicer is upwards of $200 and it’s nice to have it all done for you. The Blueprint motto is “We think, you drink.” It’s a good one. I’m happy I did it and so is my body. I did not reach nirvana, but it was an interesting experiment and exercise in will power. Also, my intestines were happy I got out any and all remaining casein that might have been chillin in there.

4) I’m happy to say I did not cheat! BP says if you absolutely need something you can have one of the following:

  • a few celery stalks
  • a quarter of an avocado
  • a couple slices of cucumber
  • dilute any drink with water
  • warm vegetable broth (low sodium)
  • a half cup of black coffee (no sugar/milk … unless it’s cashew nut milk!)
  • drink half of the cashew nut milk in the a.m
  • add a pinch of celtic sea salt to any drink for energy

Tomorrow I’ll post a few last thoughts about how I feel post cleanse and what I might have gained (or lost). Get on BPC’s mailing list (bottom right of the homepage) and they will eventually email you a discount code, when that happens, I say take the plunge into that pool of Spicy Lemonade!