I’m all done and I miss my P.A.M. juice terribly, and also the green juice just a little! Today has been sorta weird, starting to eat again. I miss juices, I should have bought an Odwalla or something to tide me over. Anywhoo, here are some final thoughts about the cleanse.

1) I never used lip balm like the whole time I was juicing. I usually put on lip balm like 10x a day, but I didn’t need any during the cleanse because I was so hydrated and what’s weird is I didn’t even realize I hadn’t used it until today when I dug it out from the bottom of my purse!

2) I lost 6lbs, nice. Will probably gain it back this weekend when I go to Sam’s and Toro.

3) The first day back on food, no carbs. I had a nectarine to start out the day, felt fine. Drank a little coffee with soymilk, felt fine. Ate an English Muffin with a little Earthbalance, stomach hurt (but not for too long, that said, you can really feel the food in your tummy). Salad for lunch, felt fine. I do wish I had some fruit juice, if there was a place near my office I’d run out and get an Odwalla or Naked Juice, something non-pasturized.

4) Headaches. I had a bad headache this morning that’s been returning here and there throughout the day, must hydrate A LOT. I’m on water bottle number 4, cup of tea number 2.

5) I read that you’ll be able to “taste” your food a lot more post-cleanse. My coffee in the AM tasted really watery, maybe I didn’t put in enough beans? Other than that, I haven’t really had any intense taste sensations.

6) Oh wow, you don’t need to snack all day! It’s okay to be a little hungry.

One thing I forgot to mention in my cleanse posts, I took probiotics 2x a day every day (I always take them and didn’t stop during the cleanse), this definitely helps keep things moving through you. You can get any kind you like, I prefer non-dairy ones of course. Check the vitamin aisle at Whole Foods for some good choices.

I think the biggest takeaway is that you don’t need to eat a lot to feel full. I know we all know this and read it EVERYWHERE, but from not eating, feeling a bit hungry and not curbing the hunger (except with juice), I think you mentally realize, oh wow, I don’t need to snack up a storm. If anything hopefully I will be more conscious of my portions, and better at hydrating. Perhaps I can cut down my lip balm usage too!