Many moons ago when it was announced that Bravo was going to do a Real Housewives of DC (way before that Salahi hot mess) I wrote this post, outlining who I thought the characters should be. Now that the show has started, let’s compare my original  predictions to what really happened. Also, if you need a brief history of our nation as well as Richard’s take on the characters, please read his recap of the premiere. Oh I abso cannot wait for Richard’s take on the distrcit. And, Richard, if you need a fact-checker please do not hesitate to contact me, as I lived and breathed it from a real DC address for three long years and had daily meetings with Dr. Jefferson Memorial. Let’s get to it!

Original Prediction #1: Foreign Diplomats Wife: A foreign hottie who has been in the USA long enough to know about the show. This will be a leap for BRAVO, but necessary given DC is such a totally cool mixing pot!

I was hoping that this foreigner would also be South American or Persian to add to the intrigue, but I guess Bravo was just not ready yet. Instead they chose an ex-pat from Britain, who has no diplomatic connections, but apparently her ex-husband is BFF’s with Barack (was her husband during the show, but not anymore). So, let me introduce Catherine Ommanney, who unfotch can’t afford a house in the Kalorama neighborhood with all the other diplos and ex-pats, instead she slums it in Chevy Chase. Not posh Cat, not posh at all. At least her last name does sound a little Persian. I give myself 59 points for correct prediction of a foreigner in the cast, but wrong nationality/husband’s occupation.

Original Prediction #2: Chevy Chase Princess: Comes from Old Money, was born and raised in Chevy Chase and lives on a very lovely street near Bloomingdales and Saks, in a house her parents bought for her when she married her high school sweetheart from St. Albans (she went to NCS, obvs) who also came from money and works at family lobby shop.

Yup, this sounds just like Mary, second generation DC, married for 20 years, summered with the Kennedy’s, founded two charities as her job (screams WASP). Has a brood of blonde kids and a very annoying 23-year-old daughter who everyone at Langley High probably wanted to smack and went to Radford (am I right Emily P, leave it in the comments?).  Don’t even need to say more. I give myself 100 points for accurate prediction even though she lives in McLean across the street from Colin P (more on that in a moment)!

Original Prediction #3: McLean Mom: Husband is high up in the Government and will lead viewers to believe he has some high clearance job, maybe at the CIA, but will really just work for OPM or HUD. Lives in a large McLean McMansion next to Colin Powell or a Saudi Prince and will go to exclusive soirees at said houses.

Ummmm so even thought it’s actually Mary who lives in McLean across the street from Colin Powell (yup direct quote, I do give myself some extra points for that), the McLean mom is def more like Stacie (and also I had a hard time fitting Stacie into any of them). She loves her family, her hubs looks like a nice normal guy who did used to work for the Mayor of DC. And, of course she founded a charity, every stay at home mom should have one (along with a Harvard MBA, she has that too).

Original Prediction #4: Georgetown “Scenester” Wannabe: This will be the one single lady on the show and will probably live in a trendy apartment in an “up and coming” neighborhood (ie Anacostia or the H St Ghetto). She has actually done pretty well in her career, first starting out as a hill staffer and now working for a media outlet of sorts, probably in an upper management role, but not an exec of course, or how else would she have time to be on the show and sleep with powerful men?

I’d say this is Lynda, divorce, dating Ebong, who is much younger, and according to her official bio on bravo is a “staple on the Washington social scene.” So was she the cougar I always saw at Smith’s Point? Staple on the scene my ebong, I don’t think so! And, to top it all off, she lives in Georgetown (according to the HuffPo). I give myself  85 point for accuracy, as she owns a modeling agency (cause DC is definitely a place where many models are needed), rather than working on the Hill.

Original Prediction #5: Alexandria Poser: The most insignificant of the bunch. Got on to the show because she worked with Georgetown Scenester 5 years ago (as her assistant). Now is a “working” mom and has two young kids who go to (gasp) public school in Alexandria. Shops on King Street, Pentagon City and Tyson’s Galleria (but only when there is a sale) and mostly at Loehmann’s in Falls Church.

Well, in terms of annoyingness and poserness, I’d say this is Michaele Salahi, the infamous WH party crasher. Basically the epitome of a wannabe social climber, who unfortunately got the wrong kind of press. I’d say Alexandria and Virginia horse country (where she lives in a beautiful McMansion) are pretty similar. And, though we see no children, they would totes go to public school if she had any. In terms of shopping, she does have a stylist, but she probably instructs him to buy everything at Loehman’s, especially since it appears they don’t pay their bills. I’d give myself another 85 points, I didn’t predict the Whitehouse party crash, but I was totally thinking of this type of lady

So, here’s to a season of DC! I totes left at the wrong time, DC is so trendy for reality TV these days, Top Chef, Real World and now Real Housewives! Lastly, check out the article the HuffPo wrote about the ladies (with a focus on silly Salahi), pretty good!