Okay, fine, back, sorry I haven’t posted since Q4 2010. Let’s get to it.

Last week Marc and I took a trip to LA to visit our brothers, who both happen to go to USC. When we hopped off the plane at LAX (with a dream and a cardigan of course) we picked up our rental car and headed straight to the LA Convention Center. Marc’s brother had informed us that Barney’s was having its annual sample sale and we had to check it out. After paying $12 for parking we headed into the cavernous exhibit hall that housed the sale. The women’s section was a waste of my time, though we got there about 2 hours after opening there was nothing worth spending my student budget on. Totally picked over. However, the men’s section was great, Marc scored a Paul Smith Blazer and 70% off, that made the parking worth it.

Next we headed to Urth Cafe for a bite to eat, also downtown. They had a great selection of organic soups, sandwiches and salads, as well as outdoor seating. It was amazing to sit outside in the sun and not see snowbanks! I ordered a soup/sandwich combo, that also came with a salad, delish.

Our next stop was dessert, ever since I stopped eating dairy I’ve searched high and low for decent dairy free pastries, and I’ve always wanted to check out Babycakes, a vegan bakery with locations in LA and NYC. The LA location happened to be nearby, so we sped over in our rental Prius and I was just in heaven! We got a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting, a carrot cake cupcake, a frosted cinnamon roll and a banana chocolate chip loaf, OH MY. We ate the two cupcakes on the spot, the chocolate was great, didn’t taste vegan at all, but the carrot was a little dry. The other two items we saved for breakfast the next AM. We loved the banana loaf, but the cinnamon bun just was too cakey. All in all though, for a vegan baked goods, these rocked!

(Vegan Chocolate/Chocolate, MMM)

The day was still young, so we headed over to Robertson Boulevard and hit up the various Kitson outposts, tried to see if there were any celebs dining at The Ivy (none), and stopped in a few of the other stores. Tired out we made our way to the Luxe Sunset Boulevard, our Bel-Air hotel. The place was well decorated and looked a lot like the Sunset Marquis, but unfortunately it was not up to that quality level. We’d gotten a deal on Gilt Group’s Jetsetter, and now I see why it was discounted. The walls were paper-thin, not cool, and they gave us two double beds instead of our requested King, will never stay there again. However, we didn’t let this ruin our stay.

After trying to rest while listening to the room next door’s TV show (no it wasn’t 30 Rock unfortch) and their convos, I met a friend for dinner in West Hollywood. Though Lisa Vanderpump’s resturant SUR was nearby we decided to eat at the Abbey instead, better place to catch up and avoid those pesky paparazzi, gawd, though it would have been fun to dine with her and Pinky, but not Cedric, TRAITOR!

The next morning we woke to the sun and headed down the PCH to Malibu, we stopped at a beautiful beach (I can’t remember the name) and dug our feet into the sand, just a typical Friday. Anyone recognize it?

Then, we lunched at Geoffrey’s (pronounced Joffrey’s, obvs), our Prius was no match for the Maserati’s et. al. in the parking lot. That said, they still gave us bourgeois a great table, the view was amazing, and the food was delish! We even spotted some dolphins as we munched on our tuna tartare.

(Can’t really see our faces, just focus on the view)

After lunch we did some shopping at the Malibu Country Mart and the boys got some overpriced James Perse tee’s and I got some hairspray, exciting. On the way back we braved the LA Friday afternoon traffic, but hey, it beats getting stuck in a snowstorm on Lakeshore Drive, right?

That evening, was perhaps the highlight of the trip, we had dinner at Jose Andre’s Baazar, and wow, bizarre it was. The decor was just crazy and the Spanish Tapas were far from traditional. After being seated at a somewhat normal table (compared to the surrounding ones) we proceeded to order cotton candy foie gras, liquid olives, philly cheesesteaks (puffed bread filled with liquid cheese and a slice of steak on top), sweet potato chips, japanese peaches, caprese salad (a cherry tomato with a liquid mozzarella ball), basically molecular gastronomy at its finest! The place was awesome and I’d recommend you get there ASAP if you’re anywhere near LA.

(The Restaurant)

(Philly Cheesesteak)

(Cotton Candy Foie Gras)

Our next stop was the Roger Room, where we met my friend Alix (read her full review of the bar here), and stood next to John Mayer for about an hour. He’s ugly in person, sorry ladies. We also spotted Zack Galifianakis (he was probably hungover the next day) and the rapper Drake, celeb central and nobody cared, so LA! Aside from the celebs, it was a cool bar, with old world decor and very interesting cocktails. My brother got one with egg-white that had a picture of Hello Kitty in syrup on top (I think they used some kind of a mold). Not pretentious at all, I would def go back.

After all that we decided to call it a night, we were heading to Palm Springs the next day and wanted to get an early start so as to maximize our pool time in the desert!